Anorexia may be a harmful activity. We do not encourage this activity. Should you feel that you have a problem, feel unhealthy, or need help, please talk to someone that can help you through this. 

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Recent updates! 7/2/14 New material on the Tips, Ana, and Hiding your ED pages. :)

I have been forced to remove any references to purging or the site may be deleted.

I have edited the site accordingly. Pro-mias, I am sorry if the removal of purging-related content makes you feel excluded, but truly it is best to learn to live without purging and I hope the rest of the site's information will help you. You are still welcome to seek support and connect with other members, and we do not demonize any form of ED here. You will not be judged. Also, try the Links page to see if other sites still have the freedom to post the content their members seek.

Inedia: the ability to live without food

The word 'inedia' simply means 'fasting' in Latin, and was first used to describe a fast-based lifestyle within Catholic tradition, which holds that certain saints were able to survive for extended periods of time without food or drink beyond the Eucharist.

Make your own decisions. Accept responsibility for your actions, body, and life.

My goal is to make this the most comprehensive ana site on the web. If you see anything missing or if there is anything you would like to see added, message me or write it in the guestbook and I'll add it!

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Table Of Contents

Home: Table of contents

Measure Up: All about numbers. Weight loss/ideal weight and measurement equations, BMI/BMR and body fat % equations, size charts, weight charts, and more! Also includes printable weight loss, intake, and exercise charts to track your progress.

Food: All the info you need about food. Safe foods, calorie charts, nutrient info, info on different types of food, food lists by calorie.

Fasting: Fasting facts and tips for fasting.

Exercise: Exercise tips and info and calories burned by activity chart

Tips: Tried-and-true tips to get you to your goal. Ana, mia, psychological (to get you in the weightloss mindset), binge-prevention, metabolism, and anti-craving tips.

Diets: Ana-approved diet plans, including a plan for those just starting out.

Ana: Ana as a spiritual being. Includes the original summoning ritual from Ana's Underground Grotto, as well as all the typical pro-ana documents.

Beauty: Beauty tips especially for anas, to keep you looking your best while you're on your way to looking your best! 

Side Effects: Health warnings. Very important and a must-read.

Hiding your ED: How to disguise your habits and your weight loss, including excuses for not eating.

Thinspiration: Thinspiring quotes, songs, books, and movies.

Thinspo Photo Gallery: Traditional thinspo photos. If you have some great thinspo feel free to submit it!

Links: Helpful links to weight loss tools such as calorie and activity calculators, also other ana sites, forums and communities.


Note: If you see material that you own/created, just tell me and I'll credit you!